As a registered NDIS provider my focus is on your Care Plan goals and how activity  can improve your ‘quality of life’ both physically and mentally.

Sounds great? then please read on…

As the new National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) rolls out, there may be an opportunity for you to engage in the services of a personal trainer.

This will obviously depend on what your particular need is, and if this type of care is available to you.

It is critical for you it include as one of your goals ‘Improved Health & Wellbeing’ at the Care Plan stage, otherwise including Personal Training can not occur until after a 12mths review of your services.

The following is a brief overview of my understanding of NDIS stages…

1) Through specialist appointments discovering if you qualify of the NDIS.

2) Creating a ‘Care Plan’ with the NDIS which maps out relevant supports to a goals based plan.

Supports can be…

  • Informal (family, friends)
  • Community.
  • Mainstream (teachers, doctors)
  • or Funded (services).

‘Positive Change Personal Training’ may be includable in this plan under Capacity Building Supports > Improved Heath & Wellbeing > Exercise Physiology and Personal Training.
(Please only include Positive Change Personal Training, if what I can proved aligns with goals and desired outcomes)

3) A service agreement between you and Positive Change PT will be completed prior to commencement of service booking.
This will include the:
◦ schedule of service bookings (including location)
◦ cost
◦ type of service
◦ expectations of participant and provider
◦ quality of supports to be delivered; and
◦ expected outcomes.

4) If you have already commenced a Care Plan, contact the NDIS to see how soon you may be able to add ‘Positive Change Personal Training’.